Mykonos Sailing is an Upscale Yachting Company based in Mykonos Greece and the Cyclades Greece.

Our priority is your safety, we ensure the best and well-maintained yachts as well as experienced crew in Mykonos, the Cyclades and in Greece.

Our goal is to treat you like Kings and Queens, to show you hidden gems around the Aegean, to serve you delicious local flavors, to make you just a little bit drunk with our fruity beverages and our hospitality.

We offer private and semi-private  yacht charters in Mykonos Greece combined with exceptional service by our well trained crew, delivering the meaning of Greek Hospitality.

Indulge yourselves with a day cruise, a sunset cruise, a weekly cruise or make your perfect-customized cruise.

We promise to offer you a unique sailing experience.

We are looking forward to welcome you Aboard.

Mykonos Sailing Team.

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We work together with our guests to bring an unprecedented level of service to both the nautical and the luxury tourism world.